Eyebrow Threading at Stella Indian Beauty Salon

When we are spoken about India, it is often for Bollywood movies that I adore incidentally ! However, we are less often spoken about another domain where Indians or rather Indian women excel as well: the world of beauty!


In this vast domain, I am more particularly going to speak about eyebrow threading, than I tested and adopted a few years.

Further to a bad experience with hot wax (burn), I decided to test this method that I had vaguely heard.

To find the place where I was going to make my eyebrow threading for the first time, I made a research on Google. I fell on an article of My Little Paris which spoke about the Beauty salon Stella who is situated in La Chapelle, the Indian district of Paris. It is moreover the place where I was used to buying my Indian movies. The article convinced me, it was decided, it is at Stella’s that I was going to make my eyebrow threading.


An ancestral technique

Indians have centuries beforehand on us! This traditional know-how has a thousand-year-old past in India.

Eyebrow Threading, a 100% natural method!


What I like with threading : it is 100 % natural. No product is used. Only a cotton sewing !

The method consists in blocking hairs between the threads to eliminate them in the root. This allows a slower regrowth of this one as for the wax.

To see how it works, you can watch this vidéo where we see Stella’s team on a tv show or this vidéo which is of better quality.


For the price of 7€ price and in 5 minutes, you stand out with nicely drawn eyebrows. The plan is clear and precise. I have never had so beautiful eyebrows. On the other hand it is necessary to know that it hurts a little bit, especially the first time! But if you fall on an expert, the pain will be limited. You can see the result on the photo of the article (above).

And you, have you already tested the indian eyebrow threading?

Good plan: do not hesitate to ask for a loyalty card because after 10 session, the following one is offered.


More information :

Stella : Centre de Beauté Indien
27/33 rue Philippe de Girard, Paris, 10e
métro 2 : La Chapelle


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